Thursday, December 10, 2009

Third time IS the charm!

I think I am ready to sew! Here is my third muslin. I checked my hip circumference and I could easily take off an inch. I used the Pattern Editor to transfer the control of one of the front darts to the side seam.

I know my muslins keep getting shorter and shorter, I'm just trying to conserve fabric.

Second Straight Skirt Muslin

Well I got a whole bunch of feedback from the WildGinger people. I made my front darts shorter, and my back darts longer. I switched to just two darts and I lowered the hip line. Here is the second muslin,

I'm still getting a big pouch of fabric over my abdomen. And the skirt feels really loose in the hips. So what's next?... Well I have shifted the control of one of the front darts to the side seam. And I checked my hip circumference which turned out to be a bit smaller than what I had in the program. Third time is the charm...?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Straight Skirt Muslin

Here is my first garment in the making! I chose a simple, all-around staple, straight skirt with a back kick pleat. Here is the muslin-

I'm going to increase (almost double) the dart lengths and I will increase the hip depth as well. I'll be waiting to hear back from WildGinger support because they are always so wonderful. My time is dear to me; I'd hate to waste it. I already have the fabric picked out and it's beautiful; I can wait to sink my shears into it!