Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Brittany over at Va Voom Vintage is having this wonderful giveaway.
Be sure to check it out!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Progress Frozen...literally

Last week my woodstove made some strange noises....then there was a big *POP*. It also rattled a bit and then smoke shot out from the seams in our flue.
--> Everything looks alright and everyone is ok. <-- Something happened to my flue and chimney, I don't know what and I'm too scared to think of the F-word. Bottom line, I'm not lighting another fire until I have my chimney cleaned and inspected. It's been very cold this week and now my house has caught a chill. My fingers hurt from the cold as I type. I went outside today and my house feels like it's the same temperature as the outside.....it's 8 degrees celsius (46 fahrenheit). I have some electric baseboards and I am using space heaters but it's hardly enough.
I'm bundled up in a large fleece jacket. Did you know that fleece and crinoline stick together? And when your fingers hurt from the cold, and your jacket and sleeves are sticking to the petticoat you are trying to gather....your patience becomes very thin. So instead of hating the world, I will refrain from sewing until I can get this chill out of my house.
Valentine and I are going to the in-laws and we'll probably stay there for a while. It's supposed to be 22 degrees celsius on Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Valentine's Birthday Dress : A teaser

April 12th will be the anniversary of my daughter's first birthday. Valentine is turning two! I'm so excited and I've taken it upon myself to make her a birthday dress fit for a princess.

Here is a little taste of what I've been sewing.
And here is the princess herself.

I can't wait to start sewing for myself again! Stay tuned for wing bust halter tops!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Livin' Vintage is having a giveaway - perfect for all you vintage sewing enthusiasts. Be sure to check it out!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The NSB and my Retail Impairment

Inky recently posted an invitation to join her in a month long No Spender Bender. The NSB is now on it's second month and it's kicking and doing well. Way to go Inky!

I have been on a NSB for a few years now. I don't spend beyond my means, and I always set aside the money that I need - for food, bills, and diapers - first. I am a stay at home mom, and although I have three part time jobs, I need every penny and whatever I have leftover usually goes into my savings. Oh and my jobs, for those of you who are curious: babysit a darling infant boy on mornings (4 days/week), teach belly dancing (1 evening/week), answer phones in a pizzeria (2 evenings/week). So back to the NSB... I have become extremely frugal; cheap is not a nice word. And it is becoming an obession. I pay my bills, and I buy food and diapers. But after that....look out Scrooge! Haha, I even take sailor showers to save on the hot water! So you can imagine the dilema I face when I see pretty things, vintage things, that I don't need but seem to need me! It is border-line deprivation. I wore nursing bras for months after I stopped nursing because I didn't want to buy bras. It's okay girls, stay calm. My mom came to the rescue and took me shopping. I could go on for much longer, bottom line is I have problems spending. Isn't that wierd? I am a girl after all. It's hard to enjoy shopping when it's all just a big guilt trip. I'm trying to buy some girdles and beauty products at the moment, and the pages are up; the shipping information is filled in, and I can't click 'next'....I just....can't.....make it....to the payment....I have the money but I just can't do it!

What do I do!? I guess it all depends on what you consider to be a need. I'm sure there are tons of girls out there who need their girdles, and leather peep toes....I'm just not one of them, at the moment.

How do I break out of this repressive frugal mentality? I think I will start slowly. Should I start with a girdle or with the beauty products....? They both amount to ~ $60 after $#i*%ing (turns head and spits). Shipping is a kicker... What do you girlies think?
Giddy up!