Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Broken closet, broken wardrobe - my broken dreams

Hey gals! You might have noticed that I changed the title of my blog. I'd like to start blogging about things other than my sewing so....here we go! Some of you may remember that the hubby and I bought a house in October 2009. The master bedroom closet is...impractical.

The closet floor is covered in leftover construction material. It unofficially became the dumping ground for when my hubby and his father renovated our master bedroom floor. There are pieces of molding in there that still have nails sticking out of them! Yikes!
And since the shelf unit is SO high up in our closet it's hard to get to - not to mention the fact that my closet floor is booby trapped. It's also the only thing he have to hang our clothes from; at least in this 'part' of the closet -haha wait for it!
Here is the other 'part' of my closet. This is INSIDE my closet. Can you see it? My closet has a closet! Now this is more of a traditional closet. A large, easily accessible shelf over a nice long closet rod. But it's inside the first closet! That alone makes it hard to access. Twice as hard now with my booby trapped floors! Gah! What's a girl to do! Summer vacation is mercifully approaching and my husband has promised to do the closet. We are thinking of turning the first closet mostly into shelves and storage - maybe with one of those closet organizers. And then we want to open up the second closet, on the adjacent wall. And that will be our closet-closet.
*Sigh* I can't wait....

But that's not all that is broken. My wardrobe isn't doing so great either. It's a big mish-mash of different styles. None of which really suit me anymore. I need to go clothes shopping/donating. Like a big purge. But I find it hard to justify buying clothes I can make... Perhaps I will look into Sewing With A Plan. I'll need to start with an inventory of my clothes and what I can keep and what I should donate. And then I can start putting outfits together and sewing anything that's missing. One season at a time.....oh boy!
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Thursday, June 24, 2010


.....and I really hope you will join me! I am honoured to say that I just met this young lady tonight. Candace Sutherland is running across Canada to raise money for several charities. Her life story is incredible and she is so young. She has already achieved so much! Please visit her website and repost!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kingston Trip

Chris and I celebrated our third anniversary earlier this month. He got a few days off work so we went to Kingston.
So here we are having fancy dancy drinks at Chez Piggy.

The best part of our trip would have to be the ride home. How often does that happen? We ran into this enourmous antique shop. It wasn't much of a shop really, more like an entire farm - several buildings and fields full of old stuff. No clothing, or sewing patterns but still pretty cool. So many odds and ends and bits and pieces everywhere!

This old cash register was hiding behind a door of some sort.
The upstairs of one of the barns was overflowing with wooden chairs. Wall to wall, stacked over top of each other, and hanging from the ceiling. It was pretty eerie actually.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A little dirt and a few bugs...

My yardwork bone was a little itchy today.  So when Valentine dragged me outside I got right to work excavating an old walkway.  It was entirely over grown with dirt and grass with just a short narrow strip showing. I was hoping it would stetch all the way to the front step which you can see at the very bottom of the picture. But instead it just stops a couple of feet short. Now what? And it was burried so deep it looks like I'll have to roll back the grass and dig out some dirt to make it level with the walkway. I'm going need a wheelbarrow and a pair of sturdy gloves.  I already have red lipstick.
When I was done making a mess of the walkway I started playing in the garden.  As you can see it's quite huge.  The short side is 25'!  We have only tilled half of it because it's all we need.  I haven't had a chance to plant anything.  I may pick up some vegetables this week.  It will be my first time doing a vegetable garden this size so I'm going to take it slow - keep it stupid.  I found some fire ants in one of the corners of the garden.  At least I think they were fire ants; I mean I didn't stick my finger in there to see if they would sting me. I tried to take pictures but they were so tiny and so busy. They looked like yellow blurs in a mound of dirt. Planting and harvesting my vegetables will be interesting that's for sure! I'm apprehensive about using ant poison in my veggie garden. I may try the boiling water method  

.  I also found this little beauty.  It's a beetle pupa; I'm guessing a june bug.  We have TONS of them.  It took a while to get used to.  At night we can hear them flying into our screens.  WHACK!  They try to fly away but our lights have them in a trance and we keep hearing their wings whirring against our windows and screens.  Isn't this the most beautiful shade of yellow you have every seen?  It is both warm and slightly transparent.  Plus she's just so cute...I'll call her Betty the Beetle.  I think I'm going to have to make a dress in this colour.
I also found this considerably less attractive fellow.  This one is a beetle grub, probably a junebug also.  He will eventually turn into a pupa.

And here are my poppies.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wing bust bodices and thrift stores

I stopped into my favourite thrift store today and found this little gem. The neatest little big purse - a Honey Bag. I love the handle!

And here is the second muslin for my wing bust halter top. All I need to do is reduce the ease in the waist and hips. I'm almost there!