Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A blouse named 'Secretary001'

Here is my next project, or the inspiration for my next project. I'm no expert on the matter but this reminds me of a 40's pencil pushing office blouse, which is why I named it Secretary001.

It looks to me like all the control has been shifted into side darts which were then gathered into the side seams. The sleeve looks like a very short kimono or dolman. Anyways, I got to work on the PatternMaster and this is my first muslin.

I'm not happy because I look like a bag lady!

So I learned that when zero waist darts are selected, the slack is not picked up anywhere else - not in the side seam and not in other darts. I'll have to manually shift all the control into the side dart. And that will be my second muslin....

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