Sunday, January 23, 2011

On Diet and Exercise

I have been trying to establish an exercise routine for a couple of years now.  It's difficult to leave the house.  And when I find something I can do at home, it's difficult to find the time!  Here are a couple of helpful articles and websites.

First up, is Zuzana at BodyRock.  The website is free.  The workouts are effective.  They are done at home.   And they are SHORT!  (30 min. avg.)  YES!  I'm so excited.  Some equipment is necessary but this isn't true of every workout.  And there are a few free interval timer programs online. 

This article is by T NATION and is called Sexy Female Training. It is for ladies who are afraid to bulk up.  A guide to building a toned AND feminine figure.  Sweet!

Last but certainly not least is The Heart Scan Blog written by Dr. William Davis.  A wonderful resource for all your nutrition information.   

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