Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Burp cloths: nifty tips

I have stacks and stacks of burp cloths.  Just because my daughter will be starting school this fall doesn't mean I can't put them to good use. 

Burp cloths make great rag rollers.  All you need are some scissors.  Just cut the burp cloths into strips and you are set.  If your hair is shoulder length or shorter, try 2'' wide strips.   If your hair is longer than shoulder length, I would recommend 2.5-3'' wide strips.  Burp cloths tend to hold moisture so your set may need more time to dry.  I recommend starting with barely damp hair.

I use burp cloths extensively for my make-up and skin care routine.  In the morning, I wash my face and use a burp cloth to dry my face.  I get dressed, and do my hair.  And then I take the same burp cloth, and tuck it into the neckline of my garment, like a bib.  This keeps makeup and powder off my clothes.  After I apply my powder, I like to use the burp cloth to gently buff my makeup.  This blends everything and prevents me from looking chalky.  I put the burp cloth away, but I'm not done with it yet!  I like to use the same burp cloth to remove the bulk of my makeup.  I apply olive oil to my face and rub it in to dissolve the grime and make-up.  Then I wipe it away with the same burp cloth.  If I am wearing a lot of make-up, I like to moisten the burp cloth with hot water, otherwise I leave it dry.  Then I toss it into the laundry hamper and hop in the shower.  One burp cloth, one day

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