Monday, June 1, 2015

A Synopsis of My Absence

Recent events have renewed my desire to blog, but before I do, I feel like I need to explain my lengthy absence.

In the summer of 2012, my husband took a job that was ~5 hours away.  Because we believed this would be temporary (~ 1 year), we decided not to sell our house.  Valentine and I stayed in Chalk River, while my husband got a small apartment near his place of work and only came home on the weekends.

In the summer of 2013, my husband asked about moving his work back to Chalk River.  His employer told him they didn't like to send people back after only one year.  We decided we could live like this for another year.

In the second year of our long-distance arrangement, things became unbearable.  Valentine would cry at night because she missed her daddy.  I was lonely, overwhelmed, stressed out, and couldn't find a job.  My husband developed sleep disturbances and anxiety that required medication.

Despite these challenges, my husband and I remained dedicated to each other and our family.  The love we have for each other is so strong.  Even when our plights were polar opposites, we still had empathy for each other.  I complained of being alone with Valentine too much, while he complained of never seeing her. 

During this period, I was also frantically searching for work.  Solo-parenting and high daycare costs made it very difficult.  Finally, I found the most amazing job!!!  I began working as a contract copy editor for a company.  I worked from home, on my terms, and the pay was great.  The flexibility was priceless!

In the early spring of 2014, my husband was told, once again, that his work would not be moved back to Chalk River.  We decided enough was enough.  We put the house on the market and prepared to move to my husband's place of work.  Yay!!

Well, it took 13 months for our house to sell!!!  Then, two weeks before the closing date, my husband learned that his work would be moved 3,540 km west!

We got a small apartment near my husband's work and are preparing to move to Alberta.  The house is a disaster.  It's hard to unpack and settle in when you know you are moving again in three months. 

But, we have each other, and our family is whole again.  Things we had taken for granted have a new meaning.  We are making up for lost time.  My husband regularly tucks Valentine in at night, and he taught her to ride her bike on two wheels.

Honestly, the way things have gone the last couple of months, we are getting everything we've wished for.  The house sold, I got a great job, we are living together again, and we are moving to a kick-a$$ place (love Alberta). 

And then...

Last week, the company I've been editing for has gone for receivership/bankruptcy.  In Future-Shop fahsion, I have been locked out overnight.

With not much else to pass the time, I'd like to start sewing and blogging again.  There is a dress I'm finishing up.  I'm hoping to have it posted soon.