Saturday, March 6, 2010

The NSB and my Retail Impairment

Inky recently posted an invitation to join her in a month long No Spender Bender. The NSB is now on it's second month and it's kicking and doing well. Way to go Inky!

I have been on a NSB for a few years now. I don't spend beyond my means, and I always set aside the money that I need - for food, bills, and diapers - first. I am a stay at home mom, and although I have three part time jobs, I need every penny and whatever I have leftover usually goes into my savings. Oh and my jobs, for those of you who are curious: babysit a darling infant boy on mornings (4 days/week), teach belly dancing (1 evening/week), answer phones in a pizzeria (2 evenings/week). So back to the NSB... I have become extremely frugal; cheap is not a nice word. And it is becoming an obession. I pay my bills, and I buy food and diapers. But after that....look out Scrooge! Haha, I even take sailor showers to save on the hot water! So you can imagine the dilema I face when I see pretty things, vintage things, that I don't need but seem to need me! It is border-line deprivation. I wore nursing bras for months after I stopped nursing because I didn't want to buy bras. It's okay girls, stay calm. My mom came to the rescue and took me shopping. I could go on for much longer, bottom line is I have problems spending. Isn't that wierd? I am a girl after all. It's hard to enjoy shopping when it's all just a big guilt trip. I'm trying to buy some girdles and beauty products at the moment, and the pages are up; the shipping information is filled in, and I can't click 'next'....I just....can't.....make the payment....I have the money but I just can't do it!

What do I do!? I guess it all depends on what you consider to be a need. I'm sure there are tons of girls out there who need their girdles, and leather peep toes....I'm just not one of them, at the moment.

How do I break out of this repressive frugal mentality? I think I will start slowly. Should I start with a girdle or with the beauty products....? They both amount to ~ $60 after $#i*%ing (turns head and spits). Shipping is a kicker... What do you girlies think?
Giddy up!

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