Monday, July 5, 2010

I Love CO Washing

Humidity 49%, Temperature 32 C, Hair 0. I was actually going to blog about how I do my hair today. But what's the point....I could blow dry for hours and my hair would never dry. Even if it did get dry the added heat from my blow dryer would make me sweat so much I would have to shower again. Ugh!

Instead I will tell you about how I CO wash my hair. I started CO washing approximately four weeks ago and my frizzy, naturally curly hair LOVES it. I haven't experienced any gross transitional period. My hair isn't grimmy or heavy. This is how I CO wash.

Here is what you will need: a hair clip, a shower comb, and most importantly a conditioner.

Avoid conditioners with -cones because they can cause build up. Avoid conditioners with protein because they can make hair brittle. I like Suave Naturals. But I read VO5 conditioners are quite good also.
To start, get your hair good and wet with hot water. I like to give my whole body a really good rinse too. Next start working the conditioner into your hair. It will take A LOT of conditioner. Massage the conditioner into your scalp, paying extra attention to the hairline. And keep adding conditioner as you work your way down to the ends. When your hair is saturated, tie it up with your clip. At this point I like to shut the water off. I use exfoliating gloves and dove soap for my body and then cetaphil for my face. Basically, once your hair is tied up, just finish up your shower routine as you normally would.

Now comes the really important part - working the conditioner into the hair and rinsing. Take the clip out of your hair and massage your scalp some more. Despite using only conditioner, I get a lather doing this. Now work the conditioner down the length of your hair. I separate my hair down the middle and do one side at a time. Now comb through your hair with the shower comb gently and several times.

Rinse, rinse and rinse! Make sure you keep 'massaging' your hair as it's being rinsed to make sure you get all the conditioner out. The conditioner that lubricated your hair earlier is being rinsed away so be gentle! Once I am convinced that all the conditioner is out I like to do a cold water rinse. Oooooohooobrrrr!

And you're done!

Wet to set in my next post!
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  1. I actually stopped conditioning my hair about 2 years ago. I noticed that my wet sets turned out SO much better. Do you notice a difference using just conditioner and no shampoo?

  2. I did notice a difference actually. When I used shampoo and conditioner my hair was very frizzy. So I would dry my hair with a round brush and then do a dry set, with a little spritz of water. When I started CO washing my hair did not hold a curl as well but it was less frizzy. So I started doing wet sets again. The curl holds just fine and I have very little frizz. What kind of conditioner do you use?