Thursday, July 1, 2010

Progress with the wing bust halter top

I made it this far.  You can see my first lapped zipper.  And although it turned out fine, it's facing the wrong way!  I'm getting ready to put elastic shirring in the center back panel.  I'm also going to have to find a better way for next time.  A better way to finish all these curved seams, and some really bulky ones.  I'm not sure yet.  I'm thinking flat felling all the vertical seams.  And then when it comes to the wings and shirred bra top, I could sew those to the bodice EXCEPT for the inner lining of the shirred bra top.  And if I cut it a bit longer on the bottom I can trim my seam allowances and hopefully baste the lining over them.....make sense?  I'd really like to pick up a copy of Professional Sewing Techniques for Designers.  I'm sure it would help me tremendously.   
Happy Canada Day everyone!

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