Thursday, November 25, 2010

Greaser Jeans: The second muslin

Here are the greaser jeans, round two.  You can see round one here.

I added ease in the crotch length and hips.  I'm pretty happy with everything, except the crotch.  The back crotch is a little tight but the front crotch is a little loose.  I'm going to play with the crotch shape,break and extension settings in the Style Editor of PatternMaster Boutique4 and see if I can figure this out. 

I also added a back yoke but it's purely esthetical.  My lower back darts are 7" long so I transfered the dart to the center back seam and then cut off the yoke.  I like how it breaks up the length, especially since these are waist length.

I omitted the pockets in this muslin.  They were quite easy and they don't affect the fit.

And I tried my hand at flat felled seams.  I've wanted to do flat felled seams for a long time but curved seams scared me.  I figured a muslin would be a good place to practice.  Turns out all you need is a tailor's ham.  They are quite fun and look very neat from both sides. 

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