Friday, November 19, 2010

New Project and Renovations

After fitting my pants sloper - which you can see here - I've decided to make myself some old school jeans.  I'm going for something similar to what Freddies of Pinewood carries.  Here is my first muslin.  It's not bad.....for a stab in the dark!
 They are tight.  Like, "Tell me 'bout it, stud..." kinda tight.  I will definitely need to add some ease in the crotch length, and then a tad more ease in the hips and waist. 

And here is my new and improved closet.  You can see my old closet here.  I'm so glad this is done; it was really starting to eat me up inside.  It took about 4 months to complete.  I know!  A freakin' closet!  My husband and his father gutted the old closet, opened it up into the second closet, and then put up drywall.  I taped, mudded, sanded and painted.  Then I put up some closetmaid systems.  I didn't buy the kit, I costumized it and just picked up what I needed.  So for the first closet, I have shelving and a low rod for hanging pants and skirts.   

And in the second closet I installed two rods, one above the other.  It's a lot bigger than the picture suggests. 

I love my new closet.  I'm going to make a curtain to cover it.  But it will be very heavy and hang straight and flat like a tapestry.  Something with a big bold design. 

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