Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yay! Estate sales!

Here is what I picked up at the estate sale. 
First up, a smocking guide by Dritz.

Next up, a Johnny Cash record.

A beautiful piece of round luggage.  It still has the cardboard insert. 

I'm going to use this fine crochet cotton for hand basting. 

This tracing kit still has all it's components. 

These are the patterns I picked up -mostly because of the smocking. 

Buttons!  There were SOO many beautiful buttons. 
And at least two full length tables covered in fabric....Here is what I picked up.  The quarter is to help you gage the size of the print.  I still need to measure the width and yardage of each piece. 

The red flowers are gorgeous but the whole print is a little dark.  I'm not sure yet what to do with it. 

The most beautiful cheong-sam. 

Maybe a blouse, maybe a dress.  This one is very lightweight, great for hot and muggy summer days. 

A nice tartan.  It's not reeeaaallly my colour.  Still nice to have. 

I already have a blouse in mind for this tartan. 


This one is actually quite sheer.  I may try a sheer blouse. 

Probably a blouse too.  Maybe a playsuit if the yardage is right. 

The estate auction I attended yesterday wasn't great.  It was held outside and it was FREEEZING.  We couldn't stay long.  I can't believe we have five more months of this.  We shoveled the driveway three times this weekend.  
Bright fabrics and flowery prints are my comfort - my sewing studio, my sanctuary.

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