Saturday, September 25, 2010

An outfit post!

I'm beginning to feel better.  You know when the symptoms of your cold have subsided but you are still breathless and exhausted.....ya, that kind of better.  In any case, I was sick of pyjamas and track suits so I decided to get all dolled up.  Luck would have it that my awesome father-in-law offered to take Valentine for the afternoon.  And so I went thrifting and it was great.  I scored some wonderful items.  Here is my outfit.
Blouse is from Bootlegger.  Circle skirt and petticoat are by me.  Black patent leather purse from the thriftstore.  White 60's Naturalizer shoes from the thriftstore.

Circle skirt in action! 

Here is what I found...
 A Helen Joyce hat.  The feathers are in great shape.  It's a good thing
there was label otherwise I'd have no idea how to wear it!

 I also scored a child's mink toque by Pariseau's, a white and silver beaded purse and a sweater guard.
And best of all, I found this beautiful, red-orange party dress.  It's home made.  From the style and length I'd say it's mid to late 50's.  But I'm not an expert.  It has such neat details, I'll have to take some more pictures to show you guys.  It's a tad too big for me but I still love it.  It has a few stains a tiny hole.  I'd like to have it dry cleaned but I'm afraid they'll ruin it. 

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