Friday, September 10, 2010

Red Hot and Blue Rockabilly Weekend 2010

So last weekend I attended my first rockabilly event!  My husband and I drove 4.5 hrs to Montreal, QC for the 6th Red Hot and Blue Rockabilly Weekend.  We have been trying to go for several years now, but something always came up.

I'll start with the venue. I love Montreal. It has a very European vibe - very laid back and easy going. I speak French and that was useful, but not necessary. Almost everyone spoke both French and English. Le Lion D'Or was the perfect location. The size was perfect, the decor was perfect, and the service was exceptional. I really hope they have it there next year. You could see the stage very well from anywhere, and it was easy to move around, from the bar, to the table, over to the stage, back to the table. It was a perfect arrangement. Not too crowded, not too big...just so freakin' swell.

Here are the bands we saw the first night....
Tennessee Voodoo Coupe, from Toronto

The Broken Toys from Argentina

The Howlin' Hound Dogs from Montreal

And Deke Dickerson and Jordan Officer from California

These are just the bands from the first night.  The second night we saw The Royal Crowns, Crazy Joe, Little Rachel, and Barrence Whitfield.  Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from the second night because our camera batteries died.  At least I didn't drink as much as the first night so I remember it better, HA!

I didn't know what to expect from the crowd.  I heard so many horror stories of mean pin up girls who think they are the only ones doing it right.  I had this fear that I would be snubbed and made to feel out of place.  Boy was I wrong!  There were greasers, psychobilly and rockabilly folk, vintage lovers, pin ups, cowboys and girls and everyone got on like one big happy family.  It was so cool; completely took me by surprise!

It was such a treat to watch the swing dancing.  I don't know the first thing about swing dancing and I nearly died from envy.  Anyways, I was fortunate enough that someone asked me for a dance.  I let him lead and tried my best to follow along.  It was so wonderful; I thanked him profusely. 

Now I say first and second night but we actually missed two nights.  We missed a burlesque show, a 50's fashion show, car show, tiki cocktail and polynesian buffet, and more live music and dancing.  Hopefully we can make it for the whole thing next year. 

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