Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wet to Set

So, I told you all about my CO washing routine. This is how I set my hair. To begin you'll need : clean, wet hair, a rat tail comb, and some clips.

I like to divide my hair into sections first. It takes a few minutes and it may seem tedious, but I think it makes the rolling easier.
I start by making a center part. Then I section off the hair from the back of the part to just behind my ear. Repeat on the other side, and voila, a nice, even ear to ear part. I separate my bangs by making a straight part in each recession. Now I take all three sections, bangs and both sides, and pin then up nice and tight.

Now for the back of the hair.... I separate that into layers, starting at the crown, and finishing at the nape of the neck. I securely pin each layer as I go. The thickness of layers will depend on the thickness and length of your hair. I can get away with 4 layers but 5 is better.

Now it's time to roll! You'll need your rat tail comb and some curlers. Right now I'm a using foam curlers.

I start at the back, from bottom to top. I try to alternate between even and odd numbers of curlers to create a brick pattern. Once I get near the top, I don't curl all the way to the root.  This is to create a smooth crown. For the bangs I like to do three curlers rolled towards the back. If you want to do rolled bangs, you can roll them forward. For the side, I do one diagonal part and I roll the curlers towards the back. All done!

A hair net is very handy for sets. It supports your curlers and keeps them from bouncing around. A satin slumber cap or scarf, is necessary if you plan on sleeping in your curlers. But wait until you are just getting into bed; your hair will dry faster if it is uncovered.

Happy setting!


  1. Please do some sewing with the curlers in and post some photos sewing with curlers still in please thanks

  2. please do some sewing with the curlers in and post some photos sewing with the curlers still in please thanks